Kelly F.


Loved all the options of handmade lotions and the two scrubs to choose from for the deluxe pedicure. I booked an appointment at 10:30pm for the following day. I was so impressed by their ability to get back to me so quickly.

Treated myself today and loved it. They give you a discount for paying with cash with their reward program! Will define my be back. Well worth the money for the upgraded services and the free tea was tasty.

Amy W.


We were looking for a place that would be safe for our pregnant friend to get a pedicure and were lucky enough to find Eco Friendly Nail Salon.  This place is very relaxing and because they don’t offer fake nails here there weren’t any of the scary fumes you tend to get in most typical nail salons.

They also have really nice massage chairs but bring out special bowls with water rather than using chairs with built in bowls that I am always a little suspicious of cleanliness-wise.

They had amazing scrub and masque options and luxury polish brands like Dior and Butter.

I would highly recommend this place, especially for anyone that is pregnant.

Suzanne G Schaff & Althea Cervantes

Nov 21, 2018

I greatly appreciate this salon. Quiet, peaceful, friendly, lovely decor, easy parking, and Lin’s gentle, expert work. And the healthier products!! All together a GREAT addition to Sacramento!!

Nov 21, 2018

John, I had a wonderful first experience at your salon. Your salon’s environment is very calm and relaxing. I love how quietly everyone speaks, and that you personally and respectfully welcome each client. It is also very clean and uncluttered. A beautiful space and very nice professional technicians. Thank you!

Josie G.


My gel nails were a mess. I needed a good reliable place to get my nails done that wouldn’t mess up my nails because twice two places messed up my nails. Anyways, I had the day off so I messaged this place before it opened. Right away I got a response to come right in. I quickly got ready and went on by. 
  I arrived they were so polite. I got quickly seated in these huge massage chairs. There are no tables, no nasty smell, no weird drills. They offered me tea or water, I took tea. They worked with me even though I am so indecisive. I was given a heated shoulder baggy and a massage in my legs through the chair. Everything was clean and Moi I believe her name was, was amazing. The nasty gunk of gel was removed in such a painless way. No drills everything was done gently. I felt so pampered. My nails were dipped in rose and lemon water. I learned so much about nails. After it was done I was given a hand massage with lavender lotion and a hot towel on top after. My hands were so soft. Then I was given a full body massage in the chair while the technician cleaned and they didn’t rush me to leave I was left to enjoy the massage. I was even asked if I needed more tea. It was so nice and clean. They had a $5 off for first time customers. I was very please with my visit. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Oh and the price was more than reasonable.

Jazmine D.


The best manicure/pedicure I’ve ever received. From the actual treatment to the relaxing ambiance I will not go anywhere else for nail care again. This was my second time visiting and I was so nervous to come back because my first experience was so exceptional that I was worried it maybe have been an anomaly, but yet again Eco Friendly Nail Salon delivered.
The only thing I could say is both times I have been in, it has been relatively empty and so my technicians were given the opportunity to take their time and I was given the time to take a nap (literally)… I guess the pickiest person could also say their prices are a bit higher than other shops, but I think you with out a doubt get your money’s worth.

Stephanie E.


Simply put- the best quality manicure and pedicure I’ve ever gotten. I was a little nervous since it was my first time and I had engagement pictures coming up. They were meticulous and consistent, two things I feel you don’t find very often with nail salons. I will definitely be returning!

Peggy H.


My once a month time to relax. No acetone means no acetone smell! I love the natural products and my pedicure turned out fabulous! The coffee scrub is the best!

Jenny H.


My husband and I aren’t from Sacramento but found this place searching pedicures near the capitol.  I’ve never had a preference if a nail salon was eco friendly or not but if this place was closer to where we lived,  we’d always come back!  

When first walking in,  it wasn’t like a normal nail salon,  there were no fumes what so ever.  The staff were very friendly and attentive.  We got the basic package which included a coffee or sugar scrub along with our choice of a scented lotion.  

The entire experience was wonderful!  We both left feeling very relaxed and pampered.  I’m not sure what was in those homemade lotions but my legs and feet feel amazing! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone and if I’m ever back in the area,  I will definitely come back.  Thank you!!

Chelle K.


I moved from Miami to the West Coast last year and have been looking for a new nail salon ever since, with not much success. The bar was set high, since my salon in Miami was amazing (Lee Lou downtown!). I tried out Eco Friendly Nail Salon today, first by inquiring via Yelp. I received a response in just a couple of minutes – they had time to fit me and my five year old in this afternoon to test out wedding looks. 

The staff was incredible. First off, we were late, because two kids… Second, my infant started to fuss in the stroller almost immediately. None of the staff looked perturbed and one of the women began to entertain the baby, later asking if she could hold her, and walked around the salon with her while I had a full pedi and a gel mani. 

I was pleased with the color selection. It wasn’t the largest I’ve ever seen, but there was plenty to choose from. I loved that the kid mani/pedi is exactly the same as the adult, but with a discount. Usually, my kid just ends up with a polish change, so she was in heaven today getting totally pampered! 

My nails look fantastic! The technician took so much care with them. I have really small nails, so frequently I get about half a polish and they stop and pay no attention to all of the missed spots. 

We’ll definitely be back for wedding nails and toes next month!

Liz M.


Overall this place gets 5 stars on in my book. The staff is awesome & friendly.  The ambiance is uber relaxing like day spa. The message chairs…omg the massage chairs.  I’d go back just for the chairs alone  I loved it.  I think the think the only minor change I’d suggest is doing a lap tray for manicures instead on the pillow. I messed my only nails up reading my freshly painted hands on the pillow. I live that they carry a Vegan nail polish brand, Pacifica. Eco friendly & Cruelty Free.  

I def recommend & will be back.

Ameenah M.


My first experience here was on accident. My bf and I were looking for a place to get a pedicure done and he happened to have found this place on yelp: he thought eco friendly and 5 stars? Why not. 

When you walk in there’s a sectional to the right and a desk to the left. The employee will ask you what service you would like and the different levels of service for your service. You then choose a scrub and lotion. I decided to go with a classic pedicure, which is one level above basic. No acrylic, because this is an eco friend place. They only offer spa chairs and services are done while you’re seated. 

This was the process for me: we were seated, our massage chairs were turned on, and it is a full body massage chair. We were given heated bean bags for our shoulders. I chose my color and a cart was pushed out with a large tub of water filled with spa essentials and it took two people to carry the tub. 

The color options were great. My service was great, and my nail tech was great. Although I did choose the classic for a longer foot/leg massage and felt that it was not long enough and worth it so my second visit was just a basic pedicure. Overall my experience was great and I like concept of this place. I hope it lasts very long.

Feli D.


I came during the grand opening week and also recently went.
First time I got a facial and a manicure. The facial was ok – nothing too out of this world, but I am just glad it wasn’t abrasive and it still did the trick in putting me to sleep. They have only one room available (for facials, and I am guessing waxing); I would probably call ahead of time next time to get an appointment.

Second time I got just a manicure. They are a little pricier than other nail salons- but it is because they use quality products that last and you don’t have to deal with harsh chemicals. Want acrylic nails? Sorry they don’t do them here, but they will make your natural nails look completely revamped (I am a nail biter too!) I have had Jasmine do my services both times and she is wonderful! 🙂 By the way- they also have complimentary hot tea for a nice little touch. I am glad I got in on the 25% off all services (including gift cards) during the grand opening. I got a gift card for my friend and even treated myself to one, so I could return for a discounted price. 

Ml B.


I had a gel pedicure and gel manicure and I can tell you this was the best nail experience I have ever had!  I thoroughly relaxed in their spa-like, clean environment.  I loved that they use natural products that have no chemical off gasses that can irritate eyes, throat, lungs, and head.  The technicians were very friendly and mindful – they weren’t chatting with each other, instead, seemed focused on their clients.  It was great to listen to soothing spa music and not have to see/listen to the news, as many salons force on you.  The cost of services is slightly higher than your typical salon, but they spend more time with you (each of my services lasted about 90 minutes) and I feel it was worth every cent to be in a place where they obviously care about the health and well-being of their clients and technicians.  Very conscious and evolved people – I totally support that!  In summary, this is truly a unique salon and I give it my highest recommendation.

Cheryl H.


This must be the cleanest place in town! 

They ONLY do natural manicures and pedicures! Don’t bother asking for a fill or a new set!! But if you want to grow your own beautiful and healthy nails this is the perfect place!! 

When you sign in they’ll ask you your name and let you look at their menu. They offer you several different types of manicures and pedicures, depending on amount of masks, scrubs, massages, etc.  They write down exactly what you want so they can get everything ready for you. My daughter’s and I each selected the VIP pedicures – the works!! They were fantastic!! I think they pampered our feet and legs for an hour and a half at least!! Talk about relaxing!! 

With all pedicures you get to choose between the various scents and scrubs, we each had a coffee scrub. They also have different types of wax treatments. While I may not always get the VIP treatment, I’ll go back for sure.

Everything is non toxic so you don’t have to worry about any weird toxic scents either. The ladies doing your nails don’t have to wear masks and they’re not exposed to horrible chemicals either!! Win win!! They have a beautiful selection of colors. They may not have a million colors to choose from, but they have the highest quality of nontoxic polishes!!

Besides being REALLY clean, the place is SUPER relaxing and it’s quiet!! They play nice relaxing music!! They don’t have a TV playing or hip hop music!! This is not your typical nail salon – it’s more spa like!! Bonus points for that!! They have  wonderful massage seats and they use these really nice portable bowls to soak your feet in! I didn’t count the amount of chairs but I think they have close to 20. I would call ahead for an appointment, for sure, on Thursdays through the weekend because I imagine this place gets busy!! 

The ladies that work there are super nice and friendly; we had some great conversations. I really appreciated that they always checked to see if everything they were doing was okay with you. They take cash and cards!! (With no hassle!!)

The highlights:
* Super Clean
* Non -Toxic products
* Non-Toxic polish 
* Discounts for various reasons 
* Choices that are REAL choices
* Comfortable
* Great Customer Service
* Reasonable prices

Sebastian S.


My boyfriend and I went for pedicures. I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to manis and pedis, but this place is phenomenal in my opinion. It’s insanely clean, the space is set up like a spa and it feels very high end. We both did basic pedicures and my boyfriend looked at me after and said, “sooo, this is part of our normal routine now?”

They have a wide selection of colors and the materials they use for scrubs and lotions are very natural and don’t create a chemical smell. 

The staff seems very friendly, focused and accommodating. 

We paid $30 each for the pedicures and there seems to be a lot included in that price. And one thing I really appreciated, despite the fact that there were some other walk-ins, they weren’t rushed with our time and they were very polite to those waiting. 

I would suggest making an appointment, because this place is going to be very popular…I intend on telling everyone I know!!

Lindsey M.


Today I went to Eco Friendly Nail Salon and I did not regret my decision to come here. I received a deluxe pedicure and basic manicure which was wonderful and so relaxing. They used a Himalayan salt rock and my legs which relaxed my tired legs, it was heavenly. The hand and arm massage was equally as relaxing as it was done by a different nail tech. They also use rose petals in the water and lime to clean your cuticles. The highlight of the experience is that they do not use stinky toxic chemicals such as acetone. For once I walked out of a nail salon not feeling lightheaded from all the harsh chemicals. They also have very comfortable chair massages complete with leg massagers which were very relaxing. I also really enjoyed the calming spa light music playing , no loud techno music like the nail salon I frequent in San Diego. Lastly , and most importantly this salon is extremely clean which is a must for me to visit any nail salon. They use disposable liners in all of the foot soaks. I even saw one of the employees cleaning the salon chairs during closing.  They also use quality nail polishes such as butter, Chanel, zoya, and Christian Zior.All the ladies that work there also are extremely nice and courteous. Eco Friendly Nail Salon is a top notch nail salon in comfort, relaxation, cleanliness , and they do great work! Thank you Eco Friendly Nail Salon I will be back next time I am in Sacramento.

Ally G.


For the last month, I kept passing this place on my treks to Kaiser Pt West. Decided yesterday to take a chance and book an appointment. So glad I did!  What a great find. 

Like the other Yelpers have stated, the place is super clean…spotless clean. Probably the cleanest nail salon I’ve ever been in. It’s also the most serene nail salon I’ve ever been in. There’s no TV blaring in the background, just soft soothing music. Hot tea or cucumber water to start you off. The massage chairs are comfy (and they have built in calf massagers too–bliss!). I did the deluxe package which included, in addition to the nail care and polish, a lavender soak, coffee scrub and oatmeal mask (you get to choose the oil, scrub and mask from a list).  It also included a callus treatment and a leg/foot massage w/ lotion and hot Himalayan salt stones. It was so relaxing! Also, my pedicurist was not only friendly, she did a great job on my toes.

I’ll definitely be back!

Annie B.


I heard of this place on one of my Facebook mommy groups. Everyone that had been there was raving about it. I decided to try it out. 

Everyone was right. The place is clean like spotless clean. The staff is kind and friendly. The chairs are so comfortable and hug your body perfectly. 

Since they only do manis and pedis and only use seaweed based ingredients, there isn’t that heavy smell of nail solvents. 

The Himalayan salt stone massage was excellent. I was very impressed with everything. I’ll be back.

Baby D.


Wow! This was probably one of the most relaxing pedicures I’ve had in a long time! We made a last minute appointment and were taken in immediately.  I got the deluxe pedicure with gel and my friend got the basic pedicure and classic manicure with gel… they did NOT disappoint!! 

Firstly the owner is an absolute doll, very sweet and knowledgeable about her products which I really appreciated. We were offered options of hot or cold tea which I LOVE! My pedicurist Mui was wonderful! She was very thorough and made me feel comfortable the entire time. 

Their entire salon revolves around Eco-Friendly and organic products, and yes this includes the polishes 🙂  If you’re a fan of Bio-Seaweed Gel then you’ll LOVE this place! It’s amazing!

Bottom Line: great service, friendly staff, amazing products and a relaxing atmosphere for a day of pampering. What more could you want?! I feel very satisfied with my pedicure and can’t wait to come back. You guys have earned yourself a loyal customer! Thank you!