Ameenah M.


My first experience here was on accident. My bf and I were looking for a place to get a pedicure done and he happened to have found this place on yelp: he thought eco friendly and 5 stars? Why not. 

When you walk in there’s a sectional to the right and a desk to the left. The employee will ask you what service you would like and the different levels of service for your service. You then choose a scrub and lotion. I decided to go with a classic pedicure, which is one level above basic. No acrylic, because this is an eco friend place. They only offer spa chairs and services are done while you’re seated. 

This was the process for me: we were seated, our massage chairs were turned on, and it is a full body massage chair. We were given heated bean bags for our shoulders. I chose my color and a cart was pushed out with a large tub of water filled with spa essentials and it took two people to carry the tub. 

The color options were great. My service was great, and my nail tech was great. Although I did choose the classic for a longer foot/leg massage and felt that it was not long enough and worth it so my second visit was just a basic pedicure. Overall my experience was great and I like concept of this place. I hope it lasts very long.