Chelle K.


I moved from Miami to the West Coast last year and have been looking for a new nail salon ever since, with not much success. The bar was set high, since my salon in Miami was amazing (Lee Lou downtown!). I tried out Eco Friendly Nail Salon today, first by inquiring via Yelp. I received a response in just a couple of minutes – they had time to fit me and my five year old in this afternoon to test out wedding looks. 

The staff was incredible. First off, we were late, because two kids… Second, my infant started to fuss in the stroller almost immediately. None of the staff looked perturbed and one of the women began to entertain the baby, later asking if she could hold her, and walked around the salon with her while I had a full pedi and a gel mani. 

I was pleased with the color selection. It wasn’t the largest I’ve ever seen, but there was plenty to choose from. I loved that the kid mani/pedi is exactly the same as the adult, but with a discount. Usually, my kid just ends up with a polish change, so she was in heaven today getting totally pampered! 

My nails look fantastic! The technician took so much care with them. I have really small nails, so frequently I get about half a polish and they stop and pay no attention to all of the missed spots. 

We’ll definitely be back for wedding nails and toes next month!