Josie G.


My gel nails were a mess. I needed a good reliable place to get my nails done that wouldn’t mess up my nails because twice two places messed up my nails. Anyways, I had the day off so I messaged this place before it opened. Right away I got a response to come right in. I quickly got ready and went on by. 
  I arrived they were so polite. I got quickly seated in these huge massage chairs. There are no tables, no nasty smell, no weird drills. They offered me tea or water, I took tea. They worked with me even though I am so indecisive. I was given a heated shoulder baggy and a massage in my legs through the chair. Everything was clean and Moi I believe her name was, was amazing. The nasty gunk of gel was removed in such a painless way. No drills everything was done gently. I felt so pampered. My nails were dipped in rose and lemon water. I learned so much about nails. After it was done I was given a hand massage with lavender lotion and a hot towel on top after. My hands were so soft. Then I was given a full body massage in the chair while the technician cleaned and they didn’t rush me to leave I was left to enjoy the massage. I was even asked if I needed more tea. It was so nice and clean. They had a $5 off for first time customers. I was very please with my visit. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Oh and the price was more than reasonable.