Lindsey M.


Today I went to Eco Friendly Nail Salon and I did not regret my decision to come here. I received a deluxe pedicure and basic manicure which was wonderful and so relaxing. They used a Himalayan salt rock and my legs which relaxed my tired legs, it was heavenly. The hand and arm massage was equally as relaxing as it was done by a different nail tech. They also use rose petals in the water and lime to clean your cuticles. The highlight of the experience is that they do not use stinky toxic chemicals such as acetone. For once I walked out of a nail salon not feeling lightheaded from all the harsh chemicals. They also have very comfortable chair massages complete with leg massagers which were very relaxing. I also really enjoyed the calming spa light music playing , no loud techno music like the nail salon I frequent in San Diego. Lastly , and most importantly this salon is extremely clean which is a must for me to visit any nail salon. They use disposable liners in all of the foot soaks. I even saw one of the employees cleaning the salon chairs during closing.  They also use quality nail polishes such as butter, Chanel, zoya, and Christian Zior.All the ladies that work there also are extremely nice and courteous. Eco Friendly Nail Salon is a top notch nail salon in comfort, relaxation, cleanliness , and they do great work! Thank you Eco Friendly Nail Salon I will be back next time I am in Sacramento.