Sebastian S.


My boyfriend and I went for pedicures. I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to manis and pedis, but this place is phenomenal in my opinion. It’s insanely clean, the space is set up like a spa and it feels very high end. We both did basic pedicures and my boyfriend looked at me after and said, “sooo, this is part of our normal routine now?”

They have a wide selection of colors and the materials they use for scrubs and lotions are very natural and don’t create a chemical smell. 

The staff seems very friendly, focused and accommodating. 

We paid $30 each for the pedicures and there seems to be a lot included in that price. And one thing I really appreciated, despite the fact that there were some other walk-ins, they weren’t rushed with our time and they were very polite to those waiting. 

I would suggest making an appointment, because this place is going to be very popular…I intend on telling everyone I know!!