Cheryl H.


This must be the cleanest place in town! 

They ONLY do natural manicures and pedicures! Don’t bother asking for a fill or a new set!! But if you want to grow your own beautiful and healthy nails this is the perfect place!! 

When you sign in they’ll ask you your name and let you look at their menu. They offer you several different types of manicures and pedicures, depending on amount of masks, scrubs, massages, etc.  They write down exactly what you want so they can get everything ready for you. My daughter’s and I each selected the VIP pedicures – the works!! They were fantastic!! I think they pampered our feet and legs for an hour and a half at least!! Talk about relaxing!! 

With all pedicures you get to choose between the various scents and scrubs, we each had a coffee scrub. They also have different types of wax treatments. While I may not always get the VIP treatment, I’ll go back for sure.

Everything is non toxic so you don’t have to worry about any weird toxic scents either. The ladies doing your nails don’t have to wear masks and they’re not exposed to horrible chemicals either!! Win win!! They have a beautiful selection of colors. They may not have a million colors to choose from, but they have the highest quality of nontoxic polishes!!

Besides being REALLY clean, the place is SUPER relaxing and it’s quiet!! They play nice relaxing music!! They don’t have a TV playing or hip hop music!! This is not your typical nail salon – it’s more spa like!! Bonus points for that!! They have  wonderful massage seats and they use these really nice portable bowls to soak your feet in! I didn’t count the amount of chairs but I think they have close to 20. I would call ahead for an appointment, for sure, on Thursdays through the weekend because I imagine this place gets busy!! 

The ladies that work there are super nice and friendly; we had some great conversations. I really appreciated that they always checked to see if everything they were doing was okay with you. They take cash and cards!! (With no hassle!!)

The highlights:
* Super Clean
* Non -Toxic products
* Non-Toxic polish 
* Discounts for various reasons 
* Choices that are REAL choices
* Comfortable
* Great Customer Service
* Reasonable prices