Ml B.


I had a gel pedicure and gel manicure and I can tell you this was the best nail experience I have ever had!  I thoroughly relaxed in their spa-like, clean environment.  I loved that they use natural products that have no chemical off gasses that can irritate eyes, throat, lungs, and head.  The technicians were very friendly and mindful – they weren’t chatting with each other, instead, seemed focused on their clients.  It was great to listen to soothing spa music and not have to see/listen to the news, as many salons force on you.  The cost of services is slightly higher than your typical salon, but they spend more time with you (each of my services lasted about 90 minutes) and I feel it was worth every cent to be in a place where they obviously care about the health and well-being of their clients and technicians.  Very conscious and evolved people – I totally support that!  In summary, this is truly a unique salon and I give it my highest recommendation.